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MP1052 / Double effect evaporator
Welcome MP1052 !
MP314 / Atomizer
Another atomization pilot preparing to leave our production workshop!
A big thank you to Laure Thévenin-Metzger, director of Rittmo Agroenvironnement and Lionel Ruidavets, design engineer, for their testimony!
Treatment water
Deltalab-SMT offers a line for the treatment of wastewater and effluents before discharge into nature and for the purification of effluents or water taken from the environment.
Testimonial / Claude Grison, research director at CNRS
Deltalab is involved in the construction of a pilot depollution of water contaminated by industrial effluents for the CNRS.
Outdoor rehearsal by MP32, MP43 and MP50
Partitions on wastewater treatment by activated sludge
Atomizer for industry
To discover in image and video on our site dedicated to the industry
3 Deltalab machines installed in Canada
3 Deltalab pilots installed at CEGEP in levis-Lauzon in Canada.
The success of Deltalab-SMT
They talk about us in the regional press: L'Indépendant du 23/03/2021
EX410 The laws of hydraulics
The EX410 fluid dynamics study bench verifies the fundamental laws of hydraulics in closed conduits. It generates different types of permanent flows for the quantitative study of pressure drop variations as a function of flow.
The Deltalab Team
15 people today on the deck of the Deltalab-SMT ship
The MP1010CR
The MP1010CR allows the study of the separation of a mixture of compounds with different boiling points, which is called distillation.
The MP46bio
The cultivation of algae is booming for Green Chemistry production routes: bio fuel, bio fertilizer etc.
CAPTECH, sensor study system
This motorized belt conveyor allows the study of all or nothing and analog sensors. Its function is to sort boxes of different heights and materials.
MP5500 solar-wind power plant
A micro wind and solar power plant is a power plant that uses wind power and solar power to generate electricity on a small scale. This electricity can be used to supply isolated sites or be returned to a public distribution network.
Mixer-settler MP1032
The multiple counter-current process: several mixer-settlers are installed with mixing and settling chambers located at alternate ends.
Engine exploded Y1100
Educational model for 1800 ~ 2000cc gasoline engine, FF type manual transmission and breaking system structure.
Siane 2018 industry fair
Find us from 23 to 25 October 2018 at the Toulouse exhibition center for the Siane 2018 trade fair
Hydraulic channel with variable slope EH1000
The EH1000 hydraulic channel is a variable slope channel, its transparent side walls make it possible to visualize the flow over the entire length of the vein.
Deltalab membrane bioreactor exported to Pakistan
The BRM pilot makes it possible to understand and manage the wastewater treatment process by denitrification and nitrification. The operation is visual, since the products are used in Altuglas containers.
From Pakistan ... to the United States
They talk about us in the regional press: The independent of 05/17/2018
SMBE-C lifting system ready to go!
SMBE-C photographed just before his departure for Dijon !! The purpose of this system is to have the pupil wire different types of asynchronous motor starters as well as a control logic.
Double-acting rising film evaporator
Installation of a double rising film evaporator at CIRAD in Montpellier.
Deltalab present in the 2018 Iris Didactic Meeting
Deltalab-SMT will be present at the "Rencontres Pédagogiques de LORMONT" on Wednesday February 28, 2017. Come and meet us!
The new Deltalab catalog is available
The updated catalog presents our novelties and a new classification of our systems in 5 major categories which seem to us better adapted to the research by domains.
Production pilot of pulp made from recycled paper
For the BacPro and BTS Chemistry of water and paperboard we developed the pilot for the production of paper pulp made from recycled paper.