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Outdoor rehearsal by MP32, MP43 and MP50

Partitions on wastewater treatment by activated sludge

The whole trio for an outdoor concert.

Partitions on wastewater treatment by activated sludge, coagulation and flocculation processes, and filtration on sand, activated carbon and chlorine.

With our 3 soloists 🎷 MP32,  🎺 MP43 and  🎸 MP50 🎸

Well, in real life, they are prepared before shipping to the customer. And if they will - alas- never make music, at least they will not make false notes! 🌧

If you want to know more about wastewater treatment and water purification, it's right here:

MP32 / Sand and activated carbon filtration pilot
MP43 / Activated sludge treatment pilot
MP50 / flocculation settling coagulation pilot

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