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EX410 The laws of hydraulics

The EX410 fluid dynamics study bench verifies the fundamental laws of hydraulics in closed conduits. It generates different types of permanent flows for the quantitative study of pressure drop variations as a function of flow.

Educational goals :

  • Study of pressure drops distributed along pipes of different diameters and materials.
  • Study of singular pressure drops: diaphragm; 90 elbows small radius and large radius; 45 elbows; T-fitting; sharp shrinkage; sudden enlargement
  • Flow measurement using a calibrated diaphragm, Pitot tube, venturi
  • Visualization of the laminar-turbulent transition

Technical description :

The EX410 bench consists of a base plinth on which the components to be studied are fixed. All the pipes and singularities are in series and represent a length of approximately 8.5m. Pressure taps are attached to each component. They are connected to a vertical multimanometer with a millimeter or U-tube scale.

The device has a venturi and a pitot tube for studying flow measurement methods. The experiments are carried out on PVC pipes and standard commercial components.

Composition of the bench:

  • Two pipes of 1 m useful length. With 3 pressure taps
  • 45 , 90 small radius and large radius elbows
  • T-fitting
  • Abrupt narrowing / widening
  • Calibrated diaphragm
  • Pitot tube
  • Venturi
  • Flow control menbrane valve and 2 ball valves for circuit selection, one outlet ball valve
  • Jar and tube for dye injection
  • Each element is removable and replaceable.
  • The EX410 bench has a manometric panel comprising 19 piezometric tubes and a panel with 3 U-tubes. The 3 U-tubes are connected to the flow measurement devices, the calibrated diaphragm, the venturi and the pitot tube.
  • The EX410 bench can be placed on a table or a worktop (not supplied).



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