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Translational lifting system for teaching

SMBE-C photographed just before his departure for Dijon !! The purpose of this system is to have the pupil wire different types of asynchronous motor starters as well as a control logic.

Study system of the electric hoist, for a vocational high school in Dijon

Beyond the technical aspect, this machine illustrates the educational interest for schools, high schools, universities and laboratories to use specific machines for teaching.

The SMBE-C system makes it possible to set up an industrial hoist and study all its functions: progressive starting, variable speed, braking, travel, safety management ... It is built around an electric hoist with a capacity of 125 kg associated with a containment box integrated into the assembly. It meets the safety standards in force.

The electrical cabinet is delivered completely empty ... but accompanied by a case containing all the electrical components. The teacher can trigger different failure scenarios by choosing the right or wrong components ... because some are knowingly defective in order to be able to simulate different failures.

Students (professional electrotechnical baccalaureate level) must put them in place, and practice during 4 successive phases:

  • wiring
  • tests
  • diagnostic
  • repair

This machine uses the materials, motors, components, and also respects the standards implemented in the industry.

Consult the SMBE-C Datasheet

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