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Our business: design and manufacture of teaching machines

Our team consists of experienced engineers and doctors in the field of process engineering, we design the machines, adapt them to your needs.

Experience as a factor of adaptability
Several members of the team have worked in the educational field so we know the needs of our clients.
Our design criteria are: innovation, quality at the best price, respect for the environment.
Our design is also adapted to the country receiving the machine.
Creation of several new machines each year.
We create the technical bulletins and provide training for our clients.
Customer service
Our machines are robust, which is why they are guaranteed between 1 and 5 years.
All our machines have the possibility to be upgraded and thus to prolong their use. There is no obsolescence. Spare parts are always available.
The after-sales service is provided by a very experienced technician, who intervenes on site.
We also offer a 5-year maintenance contract beyond the guarantee
Trades at your service
The DELTALAB-SMT team is organized according to the trades:

- Commercial / Project Manager
- Purchase / Supply
- Manufacturing
- Test / Quality Control
- Administration / Logistics
- Training
Experienced partners
- Boilermaking stainless, Industrial glassware.

- Certified welders specialized in Bio-Industries.

- Maintenance companies (intervention worldwide)

- Companies representing our products abroad.