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From Pakistan ... to the United States: the success of the Aude company Deltalab, which designs machines for education

They talk about us in the regional press: The independent of 05/17/2018

From Pakistan ... to the United States: the success of the Aude company Deltalab, which designs machines for education

Economy. This company, which designs machines for teaching.

Hanging on a wall, in the middle of the desks, a world map is starting to be adorned with colored pins. In blue, the countries where the Carcassonne company Deltalab-SMT sold one of its machines last year. Japan, Maghreb, Mexico, Peru, West Africa, Belgium, Romania ...

"We provide installation, training and after-sales service for our machines all over the world. The person responsible for this function travels a lot to install our machines. Two weeks ago, he was in Reunion, and before in Tunisia ... ", underlines Stéphane Tagliante, CEO of this company specializing in the design of machines dedicated to teaching. In its new premises located on Boulevard Gay-Lussac, in Carcassonne, Deltalab-SMT designs and manufactures its equipment.

Strong export growth since early 2018

Very often, this is a request made by an educational institution. These machines aim to understand technical, physical and chemical processes.
Fermenter-sterilizer, chemical reactor, wastewater treatment pilot, hydraulic supply benches ... The range of machines offered by the Carcassonne SME is very wide. On certain equipment, Deltalab is particularly at the cutting edge. This is the case for the environment sector with water treatment, and in chemistry for the separation of liquids.
Among the specific machines imagined by Deltalab, we can cite a mini paper processing line for an establishment in Martinique. It allows you to recycle office paper. Another line was imagined for the manufacture of nicotine product; another for drying food products.

Recently, it was with an establishment in Pakistan that a contract was concluded with a machine capable of treating water, waste and creating biofuels. Ordered in February, the machine is expected to ship at the end of May. "Since the start of the year, we have experienced strong export growth," notes Stéphane Tagliante. Growth that contrasts with a declining French market.

Gray matter and local support

Deltalab currently has ten employees, three interns (one from Jules-Fil, two from engineering schools) and a professionalization contract. Among the employees, let us quote two doctorates in chemistry and an engineer. To recruit, Stéphane Tagliante, who took over the company in 2014, admits not having encountered any problem "thanks to good contact at Pôle Emploi". The CEO is also not stingy with compliments to underline the support his company enjoys, in particular from the chamber of commerce and industry, for the development of exports. "In Carcassonne, business service is personalized. This support, I would not have had it in Toulouse. Stéphane Tagliante also announces that he is calling on many local service providers, for boilermaking, carpentry or internet referencing. "They are very responsive and very competitive".

Original article published in the independent of 05/17/2018
Journalist: Laurent Costes
Photo: M Fillon

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