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Production pilot of pulp made from recycled paper

For the BacPro and BTS Chemistry of water and paperboard we developed the pilot for the production of paper pulp made from recycled paper.

A modular, pilot pulp line for teaching

Joseph Pernock High School, Le Lorrain (Martinique) trusted us and ordered this line as well as the additional formatting of the dough in order to make document holders in A3 format.

The pulp line is the result of research work on what is being implemented in the paper industry followed by a feasibility study, in particular by taking into consideration the risks linked to the change of scale. Indeed, the volumes of exploitation in the paper industry are immense and the resizing for capacities adapted to the teaching has been delicate. The design of the pilot in its entirety, the layout of the components and the realization of plans for the boiler parts and mechanical parts was decisive for the price study and the description for the customer. The entire Deltalab-SMT team has come together to develop this design and come up with a reasonable proposal for educational institutions. Our creativity was strongly supported by the management which allowed us to progress in leaps and bounds in this project.

But all this study would be if it had not been supported and confirmed by Dr. Benjamin FABRY of the Center Technique du Papier in Grenoble. It allowed us to maintain confidence in this project and achieve all its modularity. He opened the doors of the CTP, where we could see their pilot equipment (capacity 200L) that inspired us. Delà, the design of the boilermaking has been finalized.

The moment of concretization finally arrived thanks to the great confidence granted by the Lycée Joseph Pernock in Lorrain in Martinique. We have re-studied all the assembly by integrating the constraints of transport and the constraints related to the installation site of the pilot. The production went well. This was followed by the decisive phase of testing of this prototype driver.

Finally, the fully automated line is able to produce pulp of different quality. The fitness equipment ordered by Joseph Pernock High School has proved effective.

An automated and manual or manual production line

This line is very interesting from an educational point of view because it can work step by step in manual mode, or clocked in automated mode which allows to enter the field of process control. The stages are very visual, the transformation of the paper makes use of rather simple concepts, easily assimilated by experience. The whole thing is of great interest as regards the consumption of raw material, which is a waste that is valued and widely used in educational institutions: the non-virgin sheet of paper.

To be fully registered in the environment and environment friendly the water of this process is fully recycled and can be processed by a chain already proposed in the range Deltalab-SMT.

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