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Our teaching machines

The know-how of Deltalab-SMT is based on the design and manufacture of teaching machines.

These machines come from a long history of Deltalab with educational systems in various technical and scientific fields. These machines are primarily intended to study scientific phenomena or to reproduce techniques of industrial production. This objective involves a didactic layout of the elements offering great ergonomics for both manipulation, comprehension and maintenance.

A proven design
The mounting of the systems is robust to withstand the many manipulations and time: on chassis, rigid process circuit and IP55 electrical control cabinet with all safety devices. The components are industrial (chosen for their performance, quality, durability and robustness) and will be met by students once in the professional world.

The components are derived for the vast majority of European manufacturers. The assembly is entirely realized in our workshop in Carcassonne. Our partners for custom parts are French manufacturers, specialists in stainless steel sheet metal work, plastic boiler making, glassware and various machining. We produce the plans of these pieces internally.
Command, control and data exploitation application
Command, control and data mining applications are designed by our engineers and are perfectly adaptable (or re-adaptable) to your needs. That is why, on the one hand, we can respond to any type of request concerning the machine control part (control touch screen, data acquisition, control software, remote monitoring, etc.). On the other hand, we can also update the electrical control boxes to access operating levels of more electronic and digital equipment than originally planned.
Adapt to your specificities
The technical and theoretical skills of our team and our know-how also allow us to adapt to all your projects and those whatever your constraints: functional, dimensional, safety of the operating site (ATEX in particular), technical and budget. Our creativity is therefore at the service of these teaching machines which remain general in their theoretical background, but completely open as to their realization, according to your requests. Our team is therefore available to guide you in the development of specifications specific to the adaptations of our existing machines, but also for new systems.
For these teaching machines, technical bulletins are made specifically and have all the elements to operate the machine autonomously by users. The experimental part was created by teachers or by our project managers.