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Complete water treatment and drinking water treatment machine / line

Deltalab-SMT offers a line for the treatment of wastewater and effluents before discharge into nature and for the purification of effluents or water taken from the environment.

A complete line of water treatment and drinking water 💦💧

This line does not turn water into wine, but waste water into drinking water ... and can reproduce this "miracle" on demand, to analyze all aspects of the different treatments.

We add a wifi control panel and data download. What else?

Come and meet us: we offer you a drink 🚰 😎

If you want to know more about wastewater treatment and water purification, it's right here:

The complete line combining the 3 drivers MP32-MP43-MP50

MP32 only / Sand and activated carbon filtration pilot
MP43 only / Activated sludge treatment pilot
MP50 only / flocculation settling coagulation pilot

#treatmentdeseau #drinking water #environment #filtration #desinfection #coagulation #flocculation #decantation 🌿🌎

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