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The company

DELTALAB-SMT created in 2014 is the result of the line of companies DELTALAB / COSIMI and DELTALAB, which since 1967 offers a wide range of products for general education, scientific, vocational and technical education, academic and industrial research.

From basic equipment to the pilot production line, our multidisciplinary team (mechanics, automation, electronics, process engineering, communication systems, etc.) designs, develops and tests products in accordance with educational standards and your specifications.

Adapt to your needs
Our team of engineers is able to apprehend the most advanced educational needs and to propose appropriate solutions, tailor-made, answering not only the requirements of the teaching staff but also those of the industrial environment to which the students will be confronted.
Their role of consulting and demonstration leads them to create a partnership relationship with schools and training centers.

Our products are manufactured in our workshop in France.
Our After Sales Service provides installation, product commissioning and in-situ training.
Deltalab-SMT is also
- Extensive experience acquired by our team with more than 4,500 customers in France and around the world (> 20 countries).

- Proven and renowned products.

- A range of more than 250 products covering the fields: process engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, renewable energies, aerodynamics.

- More than 50 authors who have developed certain products and their educational content,