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Hydraulic channel with variable slope EH1000

The EH1000 hydraulic channel is a variable slope channel, its transparent side walls make it possible to visualize the flow over the entire length of the vein.

A uniform hydraulic channel

The size and design of the EH1000 give it the properties of a uniform channel, i.e. strict compliance with the four Chézy conditions for establishing a uniform and permanent flow. The length-to-width ratio of the EH1000 classifies it in the category of long structures. The water circulates in a closed circuit.

The EH1000 channel is made over its entire length in transparent plexiglass. Uniform roughness, it is assembled by a special assembly which ensures parallel walls and a constant section. The perfect rigidity of the channel is ensured by a plexiglass box girder. At its upstream end, it rests on a manual screw jack which allows fine adjustment of positive or negative slopes. The water is pumped from the main reservoir and channeled into the channel part proper, via a "duckbill" valve, located upstream of the test vein.

The "duckbill" valve makes the incoming flow free of eddies, turbulence, vorticity and excessive disturbance. The flow is regulated by a manual multi-turn valve and is measured by an electromagnetic needle flowmeter. The end of the canal ends in a spillway ceiling equipped with a guillotine valve from which the water falls back into the main tank. Due to its configuration, this overhanging ceiling is always dewatered and ensures an essential hydraulic rupture at the outlet of the channel.

Consult the EH1000 TECHNICAL SHEET

The University of Ghardaïa in Algeria acquired this pilot this summer. It will train future engineers in this country.

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