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Double-acting rising film evaporator

Installation of a double rising film evaporator at CIRAD in Montpellier.

What is CIRAD?

CIRAD is the French organization for agricultural research and international cooperation for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.
Its activities relate to life sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences applied to agriculture, food, the environment and land management. He works around major themes such as food security, climate change, natural resource management, reduction of inequalities and the fight against poverty.

1,650 agents, including 800 researchers spread over 33 research units.
400 doctoral students supervised each year, 60% of whom come from a southern country.
800 researchers and technicians from all over the world welcomed and trained each year.

What is a rising film evaporator used for?

The interest of this machine is to show students how to concentrate a product, for example going from tomatoes to tomato paste.
This process uses much less energy than cooking.
For study purposes, our machine offers a double effect, sufficient for understanding. In the food industry, machines use exactly the same principle but 7 times in a row.
The interest is the conservation of vitamins, proteins, trace elements. The qualities and components of the products are preserved.

The role of Deltalab-SMT

Our design office is able to design or adapt an industrial machine for teaching or production purposes in industry. We provide manufacturing in our workshops, on-site installation, training, maintenance and after-sales service.


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