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Engine exploded Y1100

Educational model for 1800 ~ 2000cc gasoline engine, FF type manual transmission and breaking system structure.

A driving force ... above all else

We pass the 1st with our educational engine Y1100 !! But for our customers, no turbo roar or tire screeching ... the engine is cut out for the study of future engineers!

  • Replacing the timing belt and other different belts, checking belt tension.
  • How to replace Break Disk and Pad.
  • How to replace the rupture oil and remove the air.
  • How to attach, detach the cylinder head.
  • How to attach, detach the generator and start the engine.

Each incised section is painted with different colors for educational effectiveness. It operates like a real vehicle while changing the gear and being able to check the internal movement of the engine with a precise cut.

Consult the Y1100 TECHNICAL SHEET

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