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The new Deltalab catalog is available

The updated catalog presents our novelties and a new classification of our systems in 5 major categories which seem to us better adapted to the research by domains.

An important update

We have updated the catalog to include many novelties of the year 2017. Thus you will find in this catalog our drivers and study benches called "CR". "CR" systems are simplifications of traditional Deltalab-SMT systems. They have the advantage of giving way to greater flexibility: on their functionalities, on their dimensions and consequently on their cost.

Feel free to ask us to undertake to simplify conventional systems that interest you particularly.

A classification in 5 categories

In this new catalog, we have redesigned the categorization of our systems into 5 major domains, which anticipates the coming of our next website update. These big domains are:

  • Process Engineering, combining traditional production processes in the food industry, pharmaceutical chemistry and water and waste treatment.
  • Industrial engineering, which brings together all the cross-cutting areas of different industries: heat exchange (including thermodynamics and energetics), refrigeration, hydraulics, control, automation and electrical engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering which includes our mechanical study cases, our solid mechanics study systems and the mechanics applied to technologies. Among these technologies the focus will be on the automotive sector (with quality partnerships) which will be unveiled during the update of the website.
  • Renewable energies is a highly sought-after range and to which we bring many adaptation possibilities to be able to propose to you in 2018 a broad didactic panel in the hydropower, wind and solar energies.
  • Aerodynamics with various wind tunnels and their range of accessories and measuring instruments.

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