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Industrial palletizer

Machine developed around a hydraulic industrial palletizing table. It implements the 3 energies hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic.

Description technique :

Welded mechanical chassis with mesh protection enclosure, comprising :

- A roller table for supplying the palletizer,
- A palletizing table operated by a hydraulic lift cylinder and secured by a balancing valve,
- A loading unit actuated by a hydraulic translation cylinder,
- A roller table for the evacuation of constituted pallets,
- Access to the machine by a gate with electric closing contact and key lock.


A separate hydraulic power plant comprising :

- A motor pump group
- A tank equipped with a visual level with thermometer, an air filter, a filling plug, drain and a return filter,
- A pressure limiter,
- A pressure gauge,
- Three electro-hydraulic distributors,
- Two flow limiters,
- A set of hydraulic connection,
- A set of protective hydraulic plugs.


A control cabinet equipped with :

- A Télémécanique API
- A dialogue terminal
- A starter and magnetothermic protection system for the motor starter.
- A safety logic block for the management of door openings.
- A power-on LED,
- An emergency stop,
- A lockable switch,
- A button for energy,
- Predisposition for electric actuator,
- Predisposition for pneumatic actuators and electric actuator.


Detector technologies :

- Optoelectronics,
- Inductive proximity,
- Keyed security detection for doors.


Actuator Technologies :
Hydraulic technology :

The equipment is equipped with hydraulic actuators on the loading unit and on the palletizing table. These actuators can be replaced, respectively, by a pneumatic and electrical equivalent.


Electrical technology :

The set is supplied with a replacement kit for the hydraulic pallet jack (table jack) by an electric jack. It is accompanied by all the connection accessories.


Pneumatic technology :

The set is supplied with a kit for replacing the hydraulic cylinder for loading the table with a pneumatic cylinder equipped with a flow limiter. It is accompanied by all connection accessories, an FRL plate with safety solenoid valve, a pneumatic distributor.


Supplied with the machine :

- 15 steel plates
- 15 panels of "Medium"
- The technical file,
- The educational file, dedicated Maintenance.


Kit "Faults", including real components, defective :

- 1 hydraulic cylinder broken down,
- 1 Distributor coil in short circuit,
- 1 defective distributor (worn drawer),
- 1 defective mechanical limit switch,
- 1 defective inductive sensor,
- 1 security lock defective.

Options :
Technological study subsystems: Complementary lifting table, Complementary hydraulic unit, Complementary hydraulic cylinder.

Supervision: The application communicates in MODBUS via an RS485 link with the API. It mainly allows access to the parameterization by various application pages and an alarm log.

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