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Lift system

Coming from industrial lifting applications, this system combines lifting and translation functions for the transfer of a modular load of weight between 50 and 125 daN.
Intended to be part of the test area of BEP electrotechnical systems, this system aims to have the student wire different types of asynchronous motor starters and a control logic
It is built around an electric hoist with a capacity of 125 kg associated with a containment box integrated into the set. It meets the security standards in force.

Technical specifications :

Structure :

- Welded chassis,
- Protection of the work area by a fence,
- Access to the load via a door (with electric closing contact and key lock) located on the chassis.

Lifting mechanism 

Two-speed electric chain hoist with electromagnetic brake for lack of energy : 

- Lifting motor: dual speed,
- Translation engine: dual speed,
- 4 limit mechanical work:
- Horizontal axis: left and right


Vertical axis: Up and down : 

- Off-course (key forcing): up and down


Left and right : 

- Charge: modular, easily removable.

Order part 

The containment cabinet is an integral part of the system. He receives the cabled board by the student.
It has two distinct areas :

- Zone Cableur :

This is the area that receives the circuit board wired by the student.
A fixing device and connectors allow a quick assembly of the wiring board by the student.
The buttons and lights are attached to the door and connected to the board by a quick connector.

- Power supply area : 

This second zone concerns the power supply of the box. She is
already cabled and the student does not have access.

It integrates :

- 24V AC power supply
- 3 * 400V + N + T power supply protected by a 30 mA differential circuit breaker
- A security logic block
- A safety limit switch on the door which conditions the turn on of the turntable.


- This security can be inhibited thus allowing to do exercises of measurements or electrical habilitation : 

- Power buttons and lights 
- A main switch-disconnector
- A power supply by standard three-phase connector

3*400V+N+T 16A.

We offer you, as an option, several lots of material :

- Lot of hardware to cable version direct start
- Lot of hardware to cable version speed variator.

General characteristics of the system : 

- Dimensions: length: 2440 mm, width of the base: 620 mm, height 1630 mm.
- Weight: 300 Kg
- Power supply by standard plug 3 x 400 V + T + N - 16 A.

Realizable educational activities :

- Single-speed asynchronous motor start,
- Two-speed asynchronous motor start,
- Frequency variation of the asynchronous motor,
- Brake control logic in lifting, safety management
- Control of the quantities of the installation: absence or presence of tension (system which can be used for the electrical authorization),
- Commissioning and verification of correct operation after wiring,
- Troubleshooting and setting the system (thermal relay, limit switch setting).


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