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System for studying sensors

This motorized belt conveyor allows the study of digital and analog readers.
 Its function is to get out of the boxes of heights and different materials. It includes an inclined rail at the entrance of the 1st conveyor to road crates. Starting from the fact that the craters are detected at the entrance of the tray, they are oriented towards one of the two conveying belts in the bins provided for this purpose. The transition to the second conveyor belt is achieved by means of a turntable and an electric actuator. The non-ferrous boxes are stored in a third tray. In total, 3 storage areas are available:

 - storage area for large boxes,
 - storage area for small boxes,
 - Storage area for non-ferrous or waste boxes.

The control console (500 x 400 x 400 mm) with inclined aluminum profile :    


  • 1 printed side in front   
  • Inputs / outputs on 4 mm double terminal and Harting sockets on the side,  
  • 1 on / off with 220V power cord,  
  • 1 transform 220V / 24V,  
  • Motor circuit breaker and motor contactor,  
  • 1 controller with built-in analog I / O and I / O board   
  • 1 office dialogue  
  • 1 emergency stop with key,   
  • 1 green light button on the start cycle,  
  • 1 red button for stopping the cycle,   
  • 1 knob turning 2 positions for the end of the cycle or the emptying,     
  • Switches to simulate the sensors.

Description technique :

- 1 frame in aluminum profile 1800 x 800 x 400mm.
- 1 dual-band conveyor with a 220V geared motor.
- 1 plate with 4 notches motorized by 1 geared motor 24V.
- 1 switchman between belt 1 and belt 2 of the conveyor operated by a 24 V gearmotor.

Sensor Technologies


  • 9 different technology sensors including 2 H.S sensors :
  • 1 Position switch located on the inclined guide rail for starting conveyors,
  • 1 "ferrous" special inductive sensor at the entrance of the conveyor used for the switch,
  • 1 capacitive sensor "special padding on conveyor" timed on the conveyor before the tray,
  • 1 analog proximity sensor at the entrance of the conveyor for the detection of the height of the boxes,
  • 1 inductive sensor at the cam of the 24V motor of the plate,
  • 1 inductive sensor at the cam of the 24V motor of the switchman to the 2nd belt of the conveyor (large boxes),
  • 1 photoelectric sensor for the detection of "high" parts at the exit of the 2nd belt of the conveyor,
  • 1 reflex sensor with reflector at the output of the 2 conveyors,
  • 1 optical fiber and amplifier for the detection of "low" parts at the output of the first belt of the conveyor,
  • 1 capacitive sensor at the tray for non-ferrous boxes,
  • 2 defective sensors (1 inductive and 1 position switch) 

The interface box is mounted on the frame of the operative part allows the connection of sensors and actuators to the control panel either by Harting connectors, by 4 mm double-well terminals or ASI connectors (optional).


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