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25kn testing machine

Service : Power supply: 230V + T
Power: 800W
Dimensions : 1800 x 913 x 590 mm
Poids : 245kg

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  • Static testing machine for tensile, compression, bending tests.
  • Robust two-column frame mounted on wheels and storage cabinet
  • Distance between columns: 350mm
  • Adjustable top rail
  • Rigid transmission: motor, geared motor and ball screw
  • Test chamber height under sensor: 400 mm
  • Force sensor: 25kN capacity connected in USB (50N resolution, 0.5% accuracy)
  • Displacement sensor: 300 mm stroke, 1μm resolution connected via USB
  • Pinned interface for quick change of supports
  • Force control or displacement during tests
  • Adjustable speed
  • Stroke: 300 mm
  • Control of the test by control and analysis software
  • High and low limit safety sensor
  • High resolution: 65000 points

Description technique :

Windows 7 PC with 19 '' screen, mouse and QWERTY keyboard. The QuantX software for data acquisition and CoRRe IV software for Microsoft Excel test report editing is provided with the EM525 test machine.

Options :
Bending tests :
3-point bending, adjustable center distance from 30 to 330mm, 10mm diameter rollers
4-point bending, adjustable center distance from 30 to 330mm, 10mm diameter rollers

Supplied system is provided with 1 test set steel / aluminum / brass / nylon 30x15x250

Tensile tests at 25kN:
Self tightening grip with manual lock
Jaws for round and flat 0 to 13mm

Supplied system is supplied with 5 sets of round steel / aluminum / brass / nylon ø4 and ø5 + test pieces flat steel / aluminum / brass 2x10 and nylon 3x10.

Tensile tests at 10kN
Compression test:
Compression trays in 96mm and 58HRC diameters
Top plate mounted on a ball joint

Supplied system is supplied with 1 nylon test piece 50x50x50mm + 5 set polystyrene test pieces 50x50x50 (density 10-13kg / cm3 and 26-30kg / cm3) + 5 sets of polyurethane test pieces 50x50x50 (60sH and 90sH)

Shear test:
Single or double shear tooling, for use with compression bearings, Ø4 and Ø6 round samples

System supplied with 5 test sets steel / aluminum / brass / nylon ø4x50 and ø6x50

Stamping test (purchase of the mandatory compression option for this test)
Composed of a punch Ø10 and a clamping jaw of the specimen. Also equipped with a punch for punching.

System supplied with 10 test sets of steel / aluminum / brass ø50mm x1mm nylon ø50mm x2mm

Hardness test with hardness measuring microscope and standard:
Hardness testing Brinell HBS 5/750
Ball diameter: 5 mm
Measuring table with compression plate
Measurement of the impression with magnifying glass and grid reticle (x40)

System supplied with 2 sets of test specimens in steel / aluminum / brass / nylon 50x50x5

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