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"cvt" gearbox

Service : microcomputer ; Solid Works Software; MECA 3D software; Microsoft excel
Dimensions : 1100 x 560 x 550 mm
Poids : 50 kg

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The CVT (Continously Variable Transmission) automatic transmission is a very representative system for the evolution of technology in the automotive sector. Indeed, this box equips small cars that could not be so far because conventional automatic transmissions with torque converter absorb much of their engine power. The CVT EX620 is presented in the form of an actual splinter with the following subassemblies: the input module with epicyclic gear trains controlled by hydraulic brakes and clutches, the compressed belt variation module, the speed reducer and the differential The aluminum alloy flanges are kept apart by bars on which come support the subassemblies. These functional subassemblies, held in position by support plates, can slide relative to each other on the spacer bars and thus form an ideal assembly for a good understanding of the overall operation of the CVT box. On the other hand these subsets can be extracted from the explosion to conduct technological studies on specific themes.

Objectifs Pédagogiques :

The analytical objective of the series of TP is to manipulate the standard components of mechanics (bearings, gears, planetary gear trains, clutches, brakes, component belt pulley, .....) Moreover a systemic approach shows how are arranged these different components in order to obtain the function: "continuous variation of speed" The following points of interest can be dealt with, either with the system modules or with the overall plans :

  • Energetics and Kinematic Schematics with the System and Plans
  • Kinematic analysis of a mechanism (epicyclic gear trains) with the input module
  • Kinematic and static modulation of reality with the input module
  • Rotation guidance with the intermediate reduction module
  • Kinematics and force transmission with the differential module
  • Pulley-belt speed variation with the speed variation module
Description technique :
  • The support frame: the housing and the hydraulic control.
  • The input subassembly: the epicyclic gear train, the clutch and the multi-disc brake and the gear pump.
  • Speed ​​variation subassembly: variable diameter pulleys, sintered steel composite chain and control cylinders.
  • The output subassembly: the single-speed gearbox and the differential.

The system is composed of :

  • The CVT gearbox exploded
  • Simulation software for the operation of the gearbox
  • A technical and pedagogical dossier on CD-Rom with solid models under SolidWorks and MECA 3D

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