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Friction study

Designed for demonstrations during the course as well as for hands-on exercises, the SAN126 friction study unit highlights the basic principles of friction.

Objectifs Pédagogiques :
  • Relationship between the friction force and the load applied to the surfaces in contact
  • Determination of friction coefficients for dry materials
  • Friction comparison for dry contacts and lubricated contacts
  • Comparison of friction forces for sliding parts and rolling parts
  • Comparison of friction with rubber band
Description technique :

This unit is used to study dry friction or lubricated between a steel disc and a pad. It consists of a shaft with a drive wheel and two disks fitted with bearings, one of the disks rotating in an oil pan. Five pads of different materials are supplied as standard (rubber, ferodo, brass, cast iron, nylon). These pads are mounted under a lever arm, a weight support (optional) hooked to the end of this arm applies a load on the surfaces in contact. The friction force and thus the coefficient are determined by the maximum mass applicable to the drive wheel to maintain the static equilibrium. Two wheels, one with a rubber band, are provided for the study of sliding and rolling resistance. This unit can be mounted on a wall or on a universal mounting frame, Cat. SAN110 available as an option.

Composition of your equipment
The solution to your needs is built from :
Standard equipment referenced SAN126 Friction Investigation Device
Technical and educational documentation

Options :
Universal mounting frame : SAN110

Weight play : SAN126W

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