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Motorized empennage system

Service : a PC type computer with Windows,

SolidWorks and Cosmosmotion

a power supply: 220V - 50 Hz - single phase
Dimensions : EX600 : 700 x 500 x 400 mm / Electrical cabinet : 300 x 220 x 150 mm
Poids : EX600 : 4 kg / Electrical cabinet : 1 kg

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The proposed horizontal empennage is part of the aerodynamic model of the Airbus A320 aircraft, intended for wind tunnel tests, carried out on a 1 / 11th scale.

Objectifs Pédagogiques :

This system makes it possible to approach the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering :

  • Structural analysis of the empennage control mechanism
  • 1 TD with corrected : role of empennage in the flight dynamics of the A320
  • Functional analysis of the empennage control mechanism
  • Identification of the components of the empennage control mechanism
  • Schematic and geometric representations of this mechanism
  • Kinematic behavior of this mechanism
  • Static behavior of this mechanism
  • Technical analysis, characteristics of assemblies and guides
  • Definition, structure of a slave system and definition of performance
  • Open loop operation of the system with obtaining graphs of kinematic and dynamic functions
  • Closed-loop operation of the slave system (gain adjustment) with obtaining kinematic and dynamic function graphs
Description technique :

Part energy chain composed :

  • An articulated tail support relative to the attachment armature,
  • The support was conceived to allow to create, manually, a complementary effort of perturbation on the empennage
  • A DC motor
  • A bevel gear pair, with straight teeth,
  • A screw system - ball nut,
  • Two spring rods (simulating the aerodynamic forces), with springs of two different stiffness.
  • A display device for the operation of the ball screw.
  • Part information and piloting chain:
  • A card to acquire the data
  • An angular position sensor, located on the ball screw
  • A potentiometric sensor located on the tilting box, measuring the angle of rotation of the empennage
  • Of an acquisition chain of the following functions: voltage at the motor terminals, moment of the engine torque,
  • Angular positions of the empennage, angular input and output speeds of the mechanism, overall reduction ratio
  • An electrical box including the power card, a power supply, the connections required to connect the model and the PC.
  • Technical file, pedagogical, resource, on cd-rom.

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