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Solar water heater

Service : Power supply : 230 V - 50 Hz - single phase

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Individual solar hot water production "Pressurized" technology

A flat solar panel certified CSTBat installed on wheels :

  • Flat solar panel with variable inclination
    • surface of the absorber 2.2 m²
    • entrance area 2.3 m²
    • total area 2.57 m²
  • Connection connections by double-closing self-closing couplings

Objectifs Pédagogiques :

Study of a real size solar system for the production of Individual Hot Water produced from commonly used industrial materials :

  • Identify the constituent elements of this material and analyze the relevance of the technological choices made,
  • Maintenance and control of the system and implementation of necessary corrective actions, pressure level, frost protection, flow of the primary circuit
  • perform the global thermal balance and analyze the instantaneous and cumulative thermal yields of different subassemblies
  • Analyze the Influence of the inclination and orientation of the sensor,
  • study the technical-economic interest of this method of production of the ECS as well as its environmental impact, calculate the carbon footprint of the installation compared to a conventional electric water heater,
  • With the option Vacuum tubular panel, comparison of two types of sensor.
Description technique :
  • Differential regulation
  • 8 probe inputs (temperature)
  • 1 radiation probe input
  • 1 pulse input for flow meter / heat meter
  • 3 relay outputs
  • Sunshine probe at the panel connected to the control
  • Thermal energy meter (calories) on primary circuit connected to the control
  • Counter of electrical energy on extra resistance.
  • Vbus interface
  • Datalogger with RJ45 connection for PC acquisition
  • Electric meter on electrical resistance


Electrical control box and power :

  • The nuts and bolts as well as the components necessary for the safety and the proper functioning of the installation.
  • The electrical meter on extra resistance.
Options :
Autonomous filling station (pump, load cylinder, industrial truck).

Analysis case comprising :
Refractometer for measuring glycol content
Lotion for cleaning the refractometer
Pressure gauge for checking the expansion tank
Clinometer with compass
Pipette for water intake
PH paper
Voltage control screwdriver

Vacuum tubular solar panel certified CSTBât.

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