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Low power water air heat pump

Service : 220 V - 1.5 kW
Dimensions : 800 x 1000 x 1700 mm

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Bench of a heat pump on a low power table delivered with complete documentation of the various constituent elements in French, and examples of practical work. All materials used are of industrial origin :

  • Piston compressor Ch
  • Refrigerant Gas R134A
  • Ranges: Evaporation 5 ° C, condensation 55 ° C
  • Water tank simulating on the one hand the production of DHW and the inertia flask of a heating system. As standard, thermal load obtained by connecting the tank to the water supply and the evacuations.

Objectifs Pédagogiques :

Study of an Air Water Heat Pump for heating and DHW production :

  • Identify the constituent elements of this material and analyze the relevance of the technological choices made,
  • Analysis of the characteristics of the main elements of the circuit, evaporator, condenser, compressors ...
  • Study the refrigeration cycle with cycle tracing on the enthalpy diagram,
  • Monitoring of refrigeration parameters according to the evolution of the heating cycle of the water,
  • Realization and critical comparison of the thermal balances calculated from different sets of measured parameters, Thermal balance on the refrigerant, thermal balance on water circuit.
  • Measure of the performance coefficient COP of the installation,
  • Study of the reversibility of a PAC
Description technique :
  • HP and BP manometer on cooling circuit,
  • Temperature input and output of the compressor
  • Flowmeter on refrigerated gas
  • Flow meter on water
  • Temperature sensor inlet and outlet water exchanger
  • Temperature sensor inlet and outlet air exchanger
  • Temperature measurement of the water tank


Control of the installation :

  • Control of the installation from a console unit:
  • Power switch
  • Simultaneous start switch for compressor, air evaporator and water circulator.
  • Selecting a heating mode or DHW production
  • HP and BP Manometer
  • Temperature indicator at the compressor terminals
  • Cycle inverter


Electrical control box and power :

  • Circuit breaker disconnector outside the box equipped with a padlock

    Electric box

  • 30 mA differential circuit breaker 
  • Protective circuit breakers    
  • Electric Counter on Compressor   
  • The system can connect to Canalis or PC   

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