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Reversible water / water or air / water heat pump

Service : Electricity: 220V, 50Hz, 1kW
Network cold water: minimum: 2 bars, 2500L / h
Water drain
Dimensions : 1100 x 700 x 2000 mm
Weight : env. 150 Kg

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The proposed bench is a reversible heat pump didactic bench. It is available in water / water version or in air / water or air / air version.

Educational Objectives :

The machine is mounted on a frame equipped with casters for easy movement.

A space work plan is available.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen for viewing information and performing commands.

The refrigeration circuit is '' split '' allowing perfect visibility and access to all system components.

Filling and emptying the water circuit made easier
Technical specifications :

Composition of the bench:

·   A frame supporting the elements of the bench is made of welded 304L stainless steel tube. It is mounted on casters, two of which have brakes.

  • The refrigeration circuit is in welded copper tube and assembled by fittings, with drain, filling and isolation valves. The refrigeration circuit is insulated.
  • A hermetic piston compressor, 279W at-10 ° C, 3A
  • A high pressure R134a pressure and temperature graduated manometer and / or a pressure sensor for the acquisition option.
  • A low pressure R134a pressure and temperature graduated manometer and / or a pressure sensor for the acquisition option.
  • One (air / water version) or Two (water / water version) R134a / water exchangers: with stainless steel coil of about 0.2mē, thick borosilicate glass shell.
  • One (air / water version) or Two (water / water version) R134a / air exchanger with 5W fan, 650 m 3 / h. The fan is variable speed.
  • An electrically controlled 4-way cycle reversal valve
  • A set of solenoid valve for cycle reversal and 2 non-return valves
  • A steel liquid reservoir bottle
  • A filter drier
  • A fluid status indicator
  • Two adjustable thermostatic expansion valves
  • A steel anti-blow bottle
  • An HP and LP safety pressure switch
  • A float flowmeter for water, with flow adjustment valve. With electronic transmitter for the acquisition option
  • 12 PT1000 class A temperature probes:
    • 9 on the refrigerant circuit
    • 2 on the water circuit
    • 1 on the air circuit
  • Cooling water tank made of PE, with cover. Volume: 60 liters. Equipped with a stainless steel submersible pump (4.8 m 3 / h, 6 mCE, 250W), and a drain valve in the lower part.


  • A control box comprising:
    • A set of fuses
    • A differential circuit breaker
    • On / off button
    • Emergency stop button
    • General disconnect switch
    • 9.7 '' color touchscreen allowing you to:
  1. View:
    • Measurements of temperature sensors (12),
    • The electrical power consumed by the compressor
    • This information is visible instantaneously and on a curve as a function of time.
    • The synoptic of the machine
  2. Order
    • Starting the compressor
    • Switching on the air / refrigerant exchanger fan (according to air / water or water / water, air / air)
    • Starting up the water pump
    • The cycle reversal
  3. Save the data and restore them in a .csv format usable on any spreadsheet. The data should be loaded onto a USB stick.
Options :
Ooption 1: measurement of the refrigerant flow rate (recommended for complete studies of the performance of the refrigeration cycle), including a refrigerant flowmeter.

Option 2: Data acquisition
o The measurements of the HP and BP sensors
o The flow of refrigerant and water (requires having taken option 1 for the flow of refrigerant)

Option 3: a portable device for measuring the speed and temperature of the air using a hot wire air sensor: measurable air speed 0.15 to 30 m / sec; air temperature: 0 ° C -50 ° C.
Supplied with a tube that fits on the exchanger to calculate the air flow from the measured speed. This option is not available for the water / water version.

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