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Micro-wind power plant

A micro-wind turbine is a power plant that uses wind energy to produce electricity on a small scale. This electricity can be used to power isolated sites or be returned to a public distribution network.
Its operating principle consists in transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy thanks to a permanent magnet alternator,
The electric power produced depends on the speed of the wind. This one is simulated on the bench by an electric motor.

Objectifs Pédagogiques :
  • Analysis of industrial components (alternator, geared motor, inverter, rectifier, voltage regulator, power analyzer ...)
  • Component performance study
  • Energy balance: a measure of the energy consumed and produced.
  • Measurement of voltages and currents in various points of the circuit
  • Study of two types of network coupling
  • Highlighting the electrical laws
  • Display continuously and as curves on a touch screen. Data acquisition via USB. A PC can be connected to it.
Description technique :

- A permanent magnet alternator (neodymium / iron / boron) specific for wind turbine applications.
- A geared motor with electric motor. The geared motor is encapsulated in a box to limit noise
- A chassis made of stainless steel tubes welded and mounted on wheels.
- An IP55 electrical cabinet containing the electronic components:

  • A touch screen
  • A connection module with a PC
  • An automat
  • A frequency converter for the speed control of the geared motor.
  • A power analyzer allowing to visualize: voltage, power, cosine phi and integrating three transformers of intensity.
  • Two energy meters (production and consumption)
  • Two capacitor banks
  • An inverter
  • A rectifier
  • A converter (battery charge)
  • Measuring points accessible on the front panel: voltage and current (3)
  • Connections for current probe and voltage probe
  • Differential circuit breakers, fuses
  • On / Off button
  • Emergency stop button
  • A user outlet
  • USB socket

The central unit can be used in mode :

Direct use and battery charging : the energy produced can be used directly on the user socket or to charge a battery (not included)

Network coupling :

Direct coupling : The coupling of the generator on the distribution network is done if it is pushed beyond its synchronization speed. It provides energy that is only injected into the network.

Coupling via an inverter :

The generator can be coupled to the grid via an inverter.
The energy produced is injected into the network and can be used on a user socket.

Supplied accessories : 

Clamp ammeter / Volmeter; A laptop with data acquisition software.

Supplied accessories : Clamp ammeter / Volmeter; A laptop with data acquisition software.


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