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Micro solar power plant

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Service : An Ammeter / Voltmeter clamp with leads (supplied)
A solarimeter (supplied)
A set of 20 safety plug cables (supplied)
Two 10m x 4mm cables with MC4 connectors for connection

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A micro solar power plant is a power plant that uses solar energy to produce electricity on a small scale through photovoltaic solar panels. This electricity can be used, to be stored in batteries, to supply isolated sites or be returned to a public distribution network (option).

Educational Objectives :

Educational system intended for the training of students within the framework of BAC PRO MELEC, BTS fluids, energies.

It introduces students to the operation of a photovoltaic installation:

  • Study of industrial components (photovoltaic panel, charger, inverter, electrical components)
  • Wiring the elements.
  • Commissioning and parameterization of components
  • Study of the performance of the components of the chain and energy balance of the system & nbsp; by measuring the voltages and currents at various points in the circuit and by the data supplied by the available instruments (control screen, voltage and current measuring clamp).
  • Calculation of the autonomy of energy storage in the batteries
Technical specifications :

The System is made up of industrial components. It is manufactured in compliance with CE standards and ...

  • A 24V 250Wp 1.6m mono-crystalline type photovoltaic solar panel. The panel is mounted on a frame with wheels, its inclination is adjustable
  • An IP55 electrical cabinet mounted on a stainless steel tube frame equipped with castors.The cabinet contains the electronic components:  
  • A 24V battery charger.
  • An inverter
  • Three charging lamps of 60W -220V each.
  • A network analyzer at the output of the inverter.  
  • Three voltage / current measurement points accessible on the front panel:
  • Voltage and current after the panel
  • Voltage and current after charger.
  • Current voltage after the inverter
  • Two 12V 24Ah AGM type batteries
  • Safety socket for wiring the main components together
  • A dialogue terminal: a touch screen with data acquisition, power calculation, data storage, it allows:
    • to view on the synoptic:
      • Data displayed: voltage / current at 4 points (see diagram)
      • Calculated data displayed: power at 4 points (see diagram)
    • to display in the form of a graph this data as a function of time
    • Differential circuit breakers, fuses
    • On / off button
    • Emergency stop button
    • A user socket
    • A USB socket


Options :
Option: Network reinjection module

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