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Instrumented thermodynamic water heater

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Service : Power supply : 230 V - une phase, 50Hz, 10A
Dimensions : 1250 x 800 x 2110 mm
Weight : 150kg

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The bench allows to study the operation of a thermodynamic water heater with a heat pump.

Educational Objectives :
  • View and identify the components of the system.
  • Settings of a thermodynamic water heater
  • Make an energy balance using the measurements of the parameters: energy consumed, temperatures and flow on water and air.
  • Understand a refrigeration circuit by measuring pressure and temperature.
Technical specifications :
  •  It is based on a De Dietrich brand water heater.
  • The water heater has been modified for a better understanding of the system by the students.
  • The heat pump is covered with a cover with transparent areas, to see the elements of the refrigeration circuit. The elements of the circuit are marked.
  • The bench can be coupled with other elements of a water network system.
  • The water heater and the accessories are mounted on a welded stainless steel tube frame, it is mounted on casters.
  • A De Dietrich type TWH 220 E thermodynamic water heater
    • Balloon volume: 214 L
    • PAC power: 1700W
    • R134a fluid
    • COP at 15 C according to EN16147: 3.21
    • Electrical resistance: 2400W
    • With control panel and programming
    • A condensate evacuation device
  • A safety and drain valve group on the cold water inlet.
  • A valve on the cold water circuit.
  • The water circuit ready to be connected to other equipment using quick couplings.
  • Two 2 m hoses with quick couplings are provided.

Instrumentation :

  • A float flowmeter on the hot water circuit.
  • Two needle thermometers on cold and hot water
  • A portable hot wire anemometer to measure the speed (therefore the flow rate) and the temperature of the air entering and leaving
  • On the heat pump: two manometers: HP -1 to 30bar and LP: -1 to 10 bars with double scale.
  • Four PT100 temperature probes on the refrigerant circuit: compressor inlet and outlet, expansion valve inlet, condenser outlet.
  • An IP55 electrical cabinet integrating: Fuses; One on / off button; An emergency stop; A temperature display A temperature sensor selector; An energy meter

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