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Pulp production unit made from recycled paper

The paper recycling line makes it possible, from used office papers and newspapers (not recommended because of the quantity of ink) to make a cellulose pulp (paper pulp) and turn it into different paper objects. At the end of this line, we propose making recycled paper folders.

The paper line consists of 3 essential steps for the production of paper pulp :

  • Crushing
  • The pulp
  • The classification


The complementary steps make it possible to control the appearance and the shaping of the paper pulp :

  • Flotation to remove hydrophobic inks,
  • Bleaching to remove persistent inks at the flotation stage
  • The coloring
  • The dosage to fill the racks of the press
  • The filling of the racks of the press (manual step)
  • Pressing to remove most of the water from the pulp and start shaping it
  • Steaming (manual transfer of the press to the oven)
  • Die cutting to make briefcases. (manual step)
  • Depending on your internal equipment, a water and waste treatment system could be integrated around this paper recycling line.

    This treatment system can integrate :

  • The TE950CR chemical waste treatment pilot (following the flotation stage, for waters containing industrial inks)

At the end of the cycle, the treatment of all process water (from pulping, grading, flotation and press, collected in a tank) by the water treatment chain activated sludge and coagulation flocculation decantation (CP143) then the sand filtration system (MP31CR or MP32), activated carbon filtration and chlorine disinfection (MP35CR or MP32).

Objectifs Pédagogiques :
  • Timing of a production line
  • Regulatory studies: Levels, temperature, chemical dosages by Redox
  • Pump studies: sparrow-type pump, metering pumps, centrifugal pumps
  • Measurements of physical quantities: Speed, pressure, temperature, redox
  • Wastewater treatment and chemical waste (inks)
  • Automating
Description technique :

Control box with power supply and IP55 protection for stirring motors and pumps.
Timing of steps by pump speed controllers
Control of the stirring speeds of the different stages
Temperature display
Display on redox transmitter (bleaching step)
Control of temperature controllers (pulping and bleaching step)

To operate the driver
Portable pH meter,
2 PE 200L buffer tanks on wheels with multifunction lift pump for recovering process water for recycling or for use as effluent to be treated in water treatment pilots (MP50 MP31, MP35, MP32, MP43 MP44, TE950).
Network water for process water reset
Electrical network: 400V / 50Hz Three-phase, 17,5kW
Line of about 5m, can be arranged in U. The whole can be dissociated in the following way:
Crusher and tray only
Pulp production: pulping, grading, flotation, bleaching, coloring, dosing
Object manufacturing: pressing, drying, shaping sheets


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