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Sludge drying pilot

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Service : Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 3.5kW

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Convection and radiation sludge drying pilot.
The heating is done by two devices:
By radiation: by two lamps simulating the sun.
By convection: a fan and an electric air heater. Both adjustable

Educational Objectives :
  • Comparison of the drying efficiency of a radiant or convection heater or a combined system.
  • Study of the efficiency of the mixing of the material on the drying time  
  • Make the energy balance / quantity of evaporated water.  
  • Study of the influence of heating parameters on the drying speed.
  • Take a water balance
  • The measurements relate to: the weight of the material, the humidity of the air, the air temperature, the energy consumed and the air flow
Technical specifications :

The material to be dried is placed in a circular stainless steel tray, whose   base is porous to promote ventilation. The tray is located in a closed box-shaped enclosure with a transparent door. During drying, the material is stirred continuously to promote ventilation.


  • Bench mounted on a frame made of stainless steel tubes and fitted with castors
  • Air heater: Power 3 KW
  • Fan: 200m 3 / h approximately
  • Two IR lamps:   100W
  • Agitator   with mobile agitation
  • A removable humidity / temperature probe with display
  • A hot air temperature probe
  • An air flow measurement
  • A 0-5 Kg scale with display
  • IP55 control cabinet containing:
    • Open door safety of the enclosure
    • A temperature regulator
    • A fan speed controller
    • A stirrer speed controller
    • Adjustment buttons
Options :
9.7 '' touch screen for viewing and storing information and performing commands

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