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Cream mixer

This device is intended for the study of the manufacture of creams in the agri-food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic fields, is a replica of an industrial technology on the "pilot" scale. It allows to make creams, ointments and emulsions by controlling the manufacturing parameters.

Study of the influence of the temperature, the stirring speed and the order of incorporation of the additives on the manufacture of a cream.

Measurements: Temperature, stirring speed

Description technique :

The model is on a table equipped with swivel castors, 2 with brakes. It's made of :

  • A cylindro-conical stainless steel 316 bottom bottom GRC
  • Stirring device :

- An anchor with scraping peripheral speed
- A central shaft with 2 propellers type HAS diameter 80 mm,
- A fast disperser

  • Top Mounted Mechanical Attacks, Sealing by Single Mechanical Seals. Cylinder-mounted cover for tilting bolt opening and closing Illuminated sight port on upper flange

- A stitching with plugs for introduction of solids, a stainless steel funnel
- Two taps with plugs for introduction of liquid products
- A double envelope for the circulation of hot water and cold water.
- Insulated tank Ball drain valve
- A Pt 100 temperature probe located at the bottom of the tank and flashing

  • Control and control box mounted on the same chassis, display of speeds and temperature.
  • The temperature control of the product is managed by the heating group, which operates as an external probe.
  • This device works with the following modules:
  • Water heater group
  • Degassing plant

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