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Laboratory atomization

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Service : 400 V / 50 Hz / Three phase: 7 kW
Compressed air 6 bar: 5Nm3 / h
Evacuation of fines outside the laboratory.
Dimensions : 1,95 m x 0,7 m x 2,6 m
Weight : 150kg

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  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Borosilicate glass construction (304 stainless steel optional).
  • Rigid process piping


The solution of a product in a solvent (water) is dehydrated to obtain the product as a powdery solid.
The solution is injected through an atomization nozzle which generates a mist formed of very small droplets.
A very hot air stream makes it possible to evaporate the solvent forming the droplets and to entrain the solid in a cyclone.
This allows the solid particles formed to separate from the drying air which escapes outside the pilot.
The solid is recovered at the foot of the cyclone in a suitable reserve.


Experimental parameters studies following :

  • Study of the atomization of a solution.
  •  Influence of the heating temperature of the drying air.
  •  Influence of drying air flow.
  •  Influence of the atomizing air flow.
  •  Influence of the feed rate of the product.
  •  Thermal balances.
  •  Material balance.

Technical specifications :
  • Food bottle.
  • Peristaltic pump supplying the variable flow solution.
  • Centrifugal air dryer with adjustable flow rate steel.
  • Stainless steel hot air supply duct with variable heating resistor e 6000 W.
  • Borosilicate glass atomization chamber (stainless steel optional) with borosilicate glass receiving jar.
  • Atomising nozzle with air supply and timed unclogging system with cyclic air supply.
  • Air separation cyclone - borosilicate glass solid (stainless steel optional) with borosilicate glass solid receiving jar.
  • Evacuation of fines with cleanable filter.
  • Supply air flow measurement by hot wire probe.
  • Measurement and adjustment of atomizing air supply flow (nozzle supply) by float flowmeter and integrated control valve.
  • Solenoid valve for cleaning the spray nozzle.
  • Safety thermostat of the air heating resistor.
  • Relative humidity measurement by two hygrometric probes at the entrance and exit of drying air with multi-channel digital indicator.
  • Control and control cabinet, IP55, equipped with emergency stop, operating buttons and the following interfaces:
  • - Digital drying airflow indicator with active low alarm.
  • - Digital indicator of the temperature of the atomization chamber by probe type Pt100 Ω.
  • - Digital regulator of drying air temperature.
  • - Electronic speed controller of the drying air fan.
  • - Electronic speed controller of the feed pump.
  • - Electronic timer for unclogging the atomization nozzle

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