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Terms of use of social networks


On the social networks of the company Deltalab-smt, hereinafter referred to as "the company", it is strictly forbidden for users/Internet users to: :

- Send disrespectful, offensive or abusive messages towards the company, its employees or any third party interacting on its networks (including all forms of rudeness, defamation, obscenity, discrimination, aggressiveness)

- Incite violence, hatred, in the context of harassment or threat

- To oppose the legislation relating to intellectual property: reuse/distort the logo of the company without the agreement of the communication department, reproduce and reuse the graphic and textual elements of publication to promote a good or service independent of the company

- Share content for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes that is not related to the products and/or services offered by the company

- Citing or associating the company with content unrelated to the company, its core business and its areas of expertise

- Promulgate information of a confidential, sensitive nature, which may give rise to "bad buzz" controversy - Associate the name of the company with a user name (for example create a Facebook account... or linkedin "the company"), or indicate an employment link, whatever the type of contract, of the internship to the CDI, in order to allow Internet users to easily dissociate the official accounts of the company, the only ones authorized to communicate about itself The company reserves the right to delete any contribution (comment, publication, mention, etc.) on its networks that does not respect these conditions of use.

In addition, anyone who does not respect these few instructions may be prevented from interacting with the company's accounts, temporarily or permanently.

These terms of use apply to the following platforms:

Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Youtube, Viadeo , LinkedIn, Google My Business

Distribution of the charter:

- On the website, for Internet users and as a reference for users of social networks - To company employees