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  • Batch operation process

  • Production capacity : concentration of 30 litres of milk at 50°C in 2 hours with a ceramic tubular membrane. (ultrafiltrate flow for this application is about 25l/h)

  • Single-stage design, closed loop functionning.

  • Food processing manufacturing.


Teaching objectives


  • Concentration of cheese milk at 12 % of dry extracts in order to obtain liquid pre cheese

  • Standardization of milk

  • Clarification of apples juice

  • Treatment of reconstituted synthetic biological solutions


Technical specifications


  • A stainless steel starting and washing tank.

  • A feeding tank made of stainless steel.

  • A stainless steel centrifugal pump to control the flow on the membrane. Food processing construction.

  • A centrifugal pump (high pressure pump). Food processing construction, stainless steel cover.

  • A pneumatic counter pressure valve .

  • 11 stainless steel butterfly valves, 3 butterfly valves with setting handle

  • An electromagnetic flowmeter

  • 2 liquid detectors with vibrating blades

  • 3 pressure gauges mounted on separator

  • A concentric tube heat exchanger (two coaxial tubes). It will be possible to use either network water to maintain temperature or to connect an optional heating unit to increase liquid temperature in order to decrease its viscosity.

  • A Pt100 temperature probe

  • An ultrafiltration membrane with ceramic tubes.

  • Control cabinet (in painted steel) including the control and protection of pumps & temperature display

  • The pilot is made of stainless steel 316L and mounted on a stainless steel frame.