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  • Batch functioning

  • Single stage pilot's design : it function in closed loop.

  • The module includes a microfiltration ceramic membrane of 1,4 µm with its stainless steel case.

  • Food quality manufacturing

  • Full stainless steel manufacturing



Microfiltration of milk


Technical specifications

The pilot is made out of stainless steel 316L and is mounted on a stainless steel welded frame with 4 adjustable feet.


It is composed of :

  • A starting and cleaning tank made of stainless steel.

  • A feeding tank made of stainless steel.

  • A centrifugal pump.

  • A centrifugal pump, 2 m³/h, 2.5 bars (booster pump) in stainless steel, food quality manufacturing, stainless steel cowling

  • 2 liquid presence detectors ; vibrant blades detectors,

  • A pneumatic counter pressure valve to adjust the pressure toward the membrane

  • 3 stainless steel butterfly valves with handwheel

  • 1 air regulator

  • 12 butterfly valves in stainless steel, with setting handle

  • 3 pressure gauges mounted on separator

  • An on-line cooler (concentric bi-tubes) with probe Pt100 on recirculation loop to avoid the elevation of temperature during the process with an solenoid valve for the cold water coming from the network.

  • Temperature controller of the Pt100 probe in the electrical cabinet

  • A sight flow indicator

  • An electromagnetic float flowmeter for the circulation loop (stainless steel body)

  • A rotameter for the ultrafiltrate (microfiltration) (stainless steel body)

  • A module of microfiltration with ceramic tubes

  • Control cabinet (in painted steel) including :

    • the control and the safety devices of the pumps

    • the temperature controller/transmitter

    • the liquid presence detectors lights

  • A technical manual in English


Option :

A small compressor 6 bars can be provided on inquiry


Essential requirements

Electrical supply : 380 V 3 phases - 50 Hz - power 4,4 kW

Compressed air 3 bars minimum

Water from the network


Dimensions and weight

L x W x H : 1800 x 850 x 2000 mm - 150 kg