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This equipment is used at the end of production line for bottling.

MP607 608

Students must be very careful during handling and must check bottles temperature especially
Bottles are manually maintained under the bottle filling machine and then manually despatched to the capping screw machine

Technical specifications

This apparatus is made of :
- 1 stainless steel and isolated double jacket tank (with inlet / outlet, overflow and a level indicator) allowing optimisation of
bottle filling.
- 4 filling spouts
- A supporting rail maintains the bottles on the spouts. By a simple pressure, the self-closing spout opens and fills the bottle. The spout closes automatically when pressure on it stops. The height of the supporting rail is adjustable according to the required level. The bottles are filled by gravity.
- Food polyethylene platforms (up and down the production line) is provided.
The stainless steel frame is mounted on wheels.

Options :
- Set of 1000 caps (dia. 26 mm)
- Set of 1000 caps (dia. 29 mm)



800 x 700 x 1800 mm


MP607 / MP608 diagram - click to enlarge :

MP607 608 SA


MP607 608


MP607 608