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This process allows by addition of enzymes (pectinases) to destroy pectin responsible for opalescent juice aspect. The possibility to heat during this stage shortens considerably the time of enzymation and treatment (1 hour against 12 hours, for example). for this reason, the tank is agitated and thermostated.


Technical specifications

- 304 L stainless steel cylindrical tank with double and/or triple jacket.
- Mounted on 3 wheels
- Double jacket for water circulation under pressure and temperature 95°C. Rock wool insulating with welded tight stainless steel jacket
- Cover 2/3 welded and fixed 1/3 mounted on hinge. Opening protected by a stainless steel gril for safety.
- Double-jacket discharge valve
- Tank discharge valve
- Agitator with motor speed reducer mounted on the fixed part of the cover
- Agitator protection and control unit with timer to limit duration of agitation
- 2 double envelope ½ male inlets / outlets connections,
- 2 stainless steel flexible hoses (length 2 m) with 3-part fittings (female / female - 1/2" 3/4")
- 1 exhaust valve to purge the double jacket
- Pt100 probe measuring the product temperature and allowing its control. This probe is connected to the heating unit.



500 x 500 x 1200 mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 380 V triphase
Water Heating Unit - UT403 : 380 V triphase
Temperature control by external probe


MP604 diagram - click to enlarge :

MP604 SA