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Drying by atomization consists in injecting the liquid to dehydrate in the form of a thin spray into a tower in synchronization with a very hot air flow. Under heat effect, water evaporates and the air absorb the water.


At the bottom of the tower only remains dried power, completely soluble.
This Atomization pilot is design to match to the treated product specifications. The powder obtained by the evaporation of the solution is collected at the base of the cyclone treating the extracted gas.

Teaching objectives

- To manufacture a powder from a liquid solution
- Influence of the experimental conditions
- Determination of the energetic balance
- Mollier diagram analysis


Technical specifications

- Atomization chamber, conic base. Cover closing device. Insulation of the cover and the cylindrical part.
- A door for maintenance operations of the nozzle and cleaning operations, with lighted windows. A security device prevent the equipment running when the door is open.
- Bi injection fluid nozzle (air and liquid solution)
- Solution feeding pressurized vat, in stainless steel 316L. Function with compressed air
- Resistances heater with input air temperature process control
- 1 fan
- 1 Separation cyclone
- 3 Pt 100 O temperature probes, 1 at the atomizer input, 1 at the cyclone output, 1 for the measurement of the atomization chamber temperature.
- 2 humidity probes, 1 at the atomizer input, 1 at the cyclone output, of which one resist to 100°C.
- One over-pressure safety device consisting in a probe measuring pressure 0,5 bar switching off the compressed air feeding.
- The atomization tower is mounted on adjustable feet and is equipped with a platform with castors.
- Food processing construction
- Electrical cabinet including :
The control and fan protection (with speed driver and potentiometer in option)
The control and protection of electrical heater resistances, with the 2 static power units
The regulator
6 displays (2 for humidity, 3 for temperature, 1 for air flow in option), emergency stop, switch with lock, switch on light

- 1 anemometer probe for air flow measurement at the input of the heater
- 1 speed driver and 1 potentiometer to set the speed of the fan

The atomization pilot enables the treatment of following food liquids : milk, coffee, soup.
- Feed flow : 5 kg/h
- Dry material rate : 30 %
- Input temperature : 20°C
- Evaporation capacity : 3,5 kg/h
- Convert powder flow : 1.5 Kg/h
- Input air temperature : 180°C
- Output air temperature : 80°C
- Room temperature : 20°C
- Ambient humidity : 35 to 40%
- Outlet humidity : 3%
- Powder average temp : 50°C to 65°C



2800 x 2700 x 2200 mm


Essential requirements

- Compressed air : Reference pressure : 3 bars product / 2 bars compressed air
- Air consumption : 0 to 5 Nm3/h at 3 bars
- Power consumption : 24 kW – 50 Hz – 3 Phases + Gr + N