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1500 W (Functions with the module TORNESOL)


This water treatment process is a separation technique by membrane whose motive force is a gradient of pressure. Its interest resides in the fact that some molecules (10-6 to 10-7m) and some ions are stopped, while the molecules of solvent pass throught.

This technique allows to get a pure solvent and to concentrate an ion, that’s why it is used in domains search as the desalination of the sea water, the softening or the treatment of water including some metals.

The membranous processes can be easely automated, but they use an important quantity of energies which have to be optimized.


Important parameters for this process :

The important parameters for the membranous processes are :

  • the flow speed on the membrane in the recycling loop (where the salt solution is concentrated) ;

  • the pressure given by the pump at the input of the membrane ;

  • the permeability of the membrane ;

  • the temperature.

The efficiency at 10 bars (16 bars) is only of 5% (15%) maxi, for this reason, we recycle the supply water which concentrate itself.

The pilot is powered either by the electric cabinet of the Tournesol module, either by the electric network, according to the low load threshold of the batteries.

At the end of the production, we will be able to analyse the energy consumed by the network and the energy consumed by the panels.


Teaching objectives

We will calculate the permeability of the membrane and we will verify its performances according to the following hydraulic and chemical parameters:


- Consumption of energy

- Speed control

- Level control

- Production cost solar/netwok


- Pressure at the input of the module

- Waste rate

- Waste recycling flow

- Concentration of NaCl

The filtrate flow for water initially loaded of 5g/l - 25 l/h at 10 bars.

Practical works time: 4 hours


Technical specifications

  • Spiral membrane cartridge

  • Stainless steel 304 vertical multistage centrifugal pump

  • Electronic speed driver

  • 3 rods level detectors

  • Supply tank

  • Filtrate tank

  • A capacitive level probe with its controller operating the feed water solenoid valve

  • 3 PVC flow meters

  • 2 manometers

  • 3 manometers

  • 1 Conductivity meter with probe and digital display.

  • Control cabinet including pump control and safety protection, emergency stop btton conductivity meter transmitter, the speed driver, the level controller, the main switch.

  • All the piping are in PVC, the pilot is mounted on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts.



Option 1: A water softener at the input of the module

Option 2: A second conductivity probe with transmitter at the input


Essential requirements

Power supply: 220V / single phase / 50 Hz - 1.5 kW

Water supply and drain


1500 x 800 x 1900 mm