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This pilot allows to remove the contaminating organic present in the sewage.


The organic load decreases thanks to the action of the micro organisms cultivated under aerobic conditions in an oxidization vessel. The micro organisms consume the contaminated substances. The micro organisms are present under a sludge form.
The pilot is automated and is supervised. The state of the electric valves is followed on the computer witch allows to control the pilot according to external instructions or instructions reached by the sensors.
The values of the analyses done in laboratory (COD, BOD, MVS etc....) could be keyboard by the operator to be taken in account in the flow instruction calculation formulas.

Teaching objectives

- Observation of the efficiency according to the variation of the following parameters :

- Substrate flow

- Sludge recycling flow

- Influence of the concentration in dissolved oxygen.

- Influence of Red-Ox potential (option)

- Influence of temperature (option)

- Time of air injection.

- Speed of stirrers.

- Influence of pH.

- Effect of the temperature on the purification.

- Management of a remote control sewage treatment plant


Technical specifications

A substrate storage tank (4 to 5 days of running time)
- An anoxia tank in Altuglass
- An aeration tank in Altuglass
- A clarification tank in Altuglass
- A decantation tank
- A sludge recycling pump with timer
- A recycling pump for the main solution with timer
- A substrate supply pump with timer
- A compressor controlled by oxygen rate measurement.
- A dosing pump for base solution controlled by PH rate measurement.
- Probes for 0², pH, temperature
- 1 electronic flowmeter
- 5 variable speed drive
- 2 electric valves (24 V)
- Two stirrers with speed control (anoxia and aeration tanks).
- Control panel including the oxygen, pH transmitters, the speed drivers, the pumps and security components, temperature and Red-Ox transmitters in option
A local/remote switch allows to control the plant locally in the case of a computer communication problem.
- The unit is made from PVC and Plexiglass on a stainless steel frame.
· Technical and experiments Manual

Measure and control unity

- Aerobic sludge sewage treatment plant with anoxia nitrification – denitrification
- Programmable PLC
- Computer
- Supervision software



2100 x 800 x 2000mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz

Activated sludge or enzymes.
Characterized substrate.