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The MP83 is a standalone bench allowing to study different technologies of flowmeters used in the industry. It allows to compare several measurement techniques and to compare the accuracy of each flowmeter.



  • Study of the implantation of the sensors.

  • Calibration of the sensors.

  • Determination of the characteristic curves of the sensors and their accuracy.



A centrifugal pump suck-up a non compressible fluid (water) from a buffer tank; this fluid flow via an adjusting membrane valve and a rotameter on two pipes on which are mounted different flow sensors: an electromagnetic flowmeter, a vortex flowmeter, a turbine flowmeter on one hand, and a venturi and a diaphragm on the other hand (this two devices are linked to a differential pressure sensor). The fluid flow in a closed loop and return to the buffer tank.


Technical specifications

- A centrifugal pump

- A PVC tank

- A speed driver allowing


Flow meters

  • 1 Venturi in Altuglass

  • 1 Diaphragm in Altuglass

  • 2 manometers in U and a differential pressure sensor

  • 1 Rotameter

  • 1 Electromagnetic flowmeter

A tension is applied to the fluid that is captured by two electrodes and informs a converter of the fluid speed.

  • 1 vortex flowmeter

  • 1 turbine flowmeter

A turbine with blades in plastic turns in relation with the flow around a shaft. A magnet transmits this rotation to a Hall sensor mounted outside of the case. Electronics linked to the sensor transforms the frequency in instantaneous flow.

The bench is presented on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts. The piping are made of PVC.

The control cabinet include the control and the safety protection of the pump, as well as the speed driver and the power supply for all transmitters.

The electronics of each flowmeter is local (on the flowmeter), the display of the pressure sensor is deported on the electrical cabinet.



We can propose on inquiry other flow meters configurations:

  • Option 1 : Ultrasonic flowmeter

  • Option 2 : Mass flowmeter


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V mono 50 Hz - Power 0.37 kW

Clean water : 4 bar, 20°C, for the tank filling



(L x w x h) : 2300 * 650 * 1800 mm