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Floor mounted bench composed of a flow measurement by a diaphragm with differential pressure sensor, a centrifugal pump with loop on a tank through a proportional pneumatic valve controlled by a PID controller. A by-pass circuit allow to introduce a disturbance of the flow that the controller offset by modifying the opening of the pneumatic valve to maintain the flow at the set point in the circuit.


Teaching objectives

- Study of a pressure process control
- Study of a static answer
- Identification in open loop and closed-loop mode
- Answer to a disturbance
- Measure of the output power of the regulator on the control cabinet with the help of secured plugs


Technical specifications

- A water supply tank in transparent PVC
- A circulating pump
- A proportional pneumatic valve
- A converter P/I
- A diaphragm
- A differential pressure sensor with transducer, output 4-20 mA
- 2 flow meters
- A set of manual valves
- Filter regulator
- A pressure disturbance circuit
- A digital controller : universal input: mV, V, mA, T/L, RTD - output 4-20 mA
- Control Algorithm : P, PI, PID, auto adaptive
- Shunt for the measure of the output power of the regulator and the signal of the pneumatic valve with the help of secured plugs for connecting recorder or other devices.

- Data acquisition module ref MAC composed with :
- A regulator with a RS485 communication card. In this case the reference number of the equipment equipped with the regulator with card become MP116VE
- A converter RS485/RS232
- A data acquisition software under Windows allowing :

- Reading PID parameters,
- The drawing of the curves,
- The remote control of the regulator parameters
- The storage of the values

- PC computer type Pentium IV


1 700 x 1 500 x 500 mm.


Essential requirements

- Power supply : 380 V three phases - 50 Hz – 0.37 kW (other voltages on inquiry)

- Compressed Air supply: 6 NL/h - 6 bars (not supply as standard)