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A Pt100 temperature probe measures the water outlet of a heat exchanger. A digital P.I.D. controller, a converter and a solid-state relay drive the heating resistance. The heating resistance is equipped with a safety adjustable temperature switch. The water supply feeds the heat exchanger; at the outlet of the heat exchanger, the hot water is discharged. The variable water flow rate is measured using a rotameter. We study the controller actions to obtain a constant temperature value after a flow rate disturbance.


Teaching objectives

  • Study of a temperature control loop

  • Study of a closed loop

  • Setting a PID controller

  • Disturbance of the set point

  • Disturbance with water flow rate


Technical specifications

  • A 6 kW heating resistance with stainless steel case

  • A Pt100 temperature probe

  • A safety temperature switch

  • A safety flow switch in case of lack of feeding water

  • A supply flow meter (range 60 – 600 l/h)

  • A supply adjustable valve (temperature disturbing circuit)

  • A set of manual valves

  • A digital controller with RS485 communication card

    • Universal input : mV, V, mA, T/L, RTD

    • Control output : 4-20 mA

    • Control algorithm : P, PI, PD, PID and auto tune

  • A stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts and PVC panel

  • An electric cabinet equipped with the command and the safety of the heating resistance and the solid state relay, the controller with measure and set point displaying, the secured plugs for connecting the optional recorder or other devices to the input and the output of the controller.

  • Data acquisition module ref MAC, composed with :

  • A converter RS485/RS232

  • Connection cables

  • Two channel graphic recorder

  • Supplied with technical manual


Options :

  • Option 1 : Data acquisition module ref MAC composed with :

- A converter RS485/RS232

- Connection cables

- A data acquisition software under Windows allowing :

  • Reading PID parameters,

  • The drawing of the curves,

  • The remote control of the regulator parameters

  • The storage of the values


  • Option 2 : PC type Pentium IV


Essential requirements

Power supply: 230 V single phase - 50 Hz - 6, 5 kW


Dimensions and weight

- L x w x h : 1500 x 500 x 1700 mm

- Weight : 100 kg