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This multi-disciplinary teaching bench allows complete study of a single cylinder petrol engine with fuel injection and electronic ignition.

EX1000The engine is connected to a DC electric motor to provide starting, control and braking effort. A specially developed electronic card is used to run experiments in injection and ignition, using a computer interface..


Teaching objectives

- multi-disciplinary studies in mechanical and electrical engineering
- study of mechanical assemblies
- verification of engine performance
- Electrical and computer transmission study


Technical specifications

This fully instrumented test bench permits adjustment of firing angle and spark intensity, fuel injection timing and duration, and the torque output of the engine. The control settings for the injection and the ignition are transferred in real time from a computer connected to the apparatus with a user-friendly data interface.
The petrol engine and the electric motor are fastened to a bed plate and connected by a drive belt. The test bench is shielded with a transparent hood for sound reduction and safety protection.
Exhaust gases are ducted outside.

Characteristics :
- Honda petrol engine
- microprocessor controlled fuel injection using 68HC11
- DC electric motor
- frequency generator
- dynamic load adjustment

Standard equipment EX1000
consisting of:
- petrol engine
- electronic fuel injection controller
- DC electric motor
- speed detector
- set of tools and cable connexion
- butterfly valve position detector
- engine temperature probe
- engine speed control stroboscope
- control software for data acquisition under Windows
- teaching manual

Optional equipment :
Oxygen probe type "lambda" Ref EX1001


Dimensions and weight

70 x 75 x 75 cm, 70 kg


Essential requirements

- electricity supply: 220V, 50 Hz
- compressed air supply, 3 bars max
- PC computer,
- voltmeter and ammeter