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Teaching objectives

The apparatus is intended to represent a simple engine mechanism and may be used by the students for simple experiments to investigate:
- The relationship between the piston displacement and the crank angle for a given connecting rod/crank radius ratio.
- The relationship between the turning moment on the crank shaft and the crank angle for a given force on the piston.


Technical specifications

- The piston is fitted with brass rollers running on guide bars and needle roller bearings are fitted in the connecting rod so that friction is reduced to a minimum.
- A protractor is attached to the crank which may be rotated on the beam balance arm and clamped in any predetermined angular position.
- A linear scale is attached to the piston guide so that the piston displacement can be measured.
- The crank effort may be determined by attaching suitable masses to the beam balance arm.
- Experiment manual

Optional equipment :
The unit may be wall mounted or fitted to the Universal Bench Mounting Frame (Ref SAN100)


Dimensions and weight

- Length : 540mm, Height : 270mm, Depth : 480mm

- Net Weight : 14kg


Essential requirements

A set of masses, Ref SAN 128/W (not supplied as standard)