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Refrigeration cycle demonstration equipment

Service : 220/240 V single phase 50 Hz + earth
Water supply and discharge: 360 L / h with a head of 10 m
Dimensions : 850 x 550 x 800mm
Weight : 50kg

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The MP2041 is a typical refrigerant circuit consisting of a hermetic piston compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The evaporator and the condenser are transparent, so that the process of transition between the phases during evaporation and condensation can be observed optimally. The function of the float valve as a relief valve is also easy to observe.

A water circuit cools the condenser or delivers the cooling load to the evaporator. The flow of cold and hot water as well as that of the coolant can be adjusted and measured.

Thanks to the SES36, low pressures (1.5 bar) are used which makes the safe use of glass possible. The refrigerant is free of CFCs and is environmentally friendly.

Temperatures and pressures are taken into account and displayed. In this way, the key characteristics of the cycle can be identified and recorded in a log p, h diagram. In addition, the power of the compressor as well as the flow rate of the water and coolant currents are displayed.

Educational Objectives :
  • Observe evaporation and condensation of the coolant
  • Represent and understand the refrigeration cycle on a log p, h diagram
  • Energy balances
  • Determination of the coefficient of performance
  • Return of oil in a submerged evaporator
Technical specifications :


  • An evaporator (glass cylinder DN80 L = 200mm) in which the refrigerant vaporizes by removing a certain amount of heat from the water flowing through the coil copper tube (S = 0.04m2).
  • A hermetic compressor that sucks the vapors formed in the evaporator, compresses them and forces them back into the condenser.
  • A condenser (glass cylinder DN80 L = 200mm) in which the refrigerant condenses on a serpentine tube (S = 0.04m2) by yielding heat to the water circulating in the tube.
  • An expansion valve that passes the liquid refrigerant from the condenser to the evaporator by lowering the pressure.
  • A window placed between the expansion valve and the evaporator shows the formation of steam during relaxation.
  • The refrigerant is the SES36


  • Two manometers to indicate the pressures in the condenser and in the evaporator.
  • Eight PT100 probes and a digital indicator to indicate the water temperatures at the inlet and the outlet of the exchangers, the evaporation and condensation temperature, the outlet temperature of the compressor and the liquid temperature at the bottom of the condenser The vapor compression cycle of the apparatus can thus be plotted completely on the enthalpy diagram of the refrigerant.
  • Two flow meters to indicate the flow rates of the water in the exchangers.
Options :
Option 1: Digital Power Meter
Option 2: Rotameter for the coolant flow.
Option 3: Acquisition module:
Replacement of 2 manometers by piezometric sensors with analog output
8 Pt 100 probes with digital converters
4-20 mA / RS485 interfaces
RS485 to RS 432 converter
1 OPC server
Synoptic of the installation

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