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This mini production line allows preparation and conditioning of an injectable quality liquid form.

MP710 MP720

Teaching objectives

Study of the sterilizing filtration:
- characterization and numbering of columns on Petri box
- development of an asepticization protocol
- aseptic conditioning under laminar flow hood


Technical specifications

Sterilizing filtration MP710 :

- a compressor with regulator and filter
- a stainless steel container to distribute the liquid under pressure.
- a manometer
- a flow control valve
- a safety valve
- a grooved end for hose connection

Sterilizing filtration MP720 :

- a stainless steel filtration carter
- sterilizing cartridges (0,22 micron)
- mounted on wheels
- Supplied with sterilizable connecting pipes.


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V single phase – 50 Hz
Consumption 230 W


MP710 / MP720 diagrams - click to enlarge :

MP710 SA


MP720 SA