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This device allows the purification of proteins, standardization and the concentration of milk (lactose and mineral extraction) Pre cheese. This bench allows to conduct feasibility tests to determine the optimal cut-off and operating parameters for this separation process.


Teaching objectives

Biological application :

- Proteins purification

Food processing applications :

  • Pre concentration of skimmed milk to manufacture precheese melt

  • Standardization of milk


Main characteristics

  • Choice of the ceramic membranes resistant to the pressure and regenerable → few consumables.

  • Sanitary construction

  • Few raw material : 1 to 2 L maximum

  • Analyses: HPLC, electrophoresis, spectro UV,

  • Practical works, washing protocols are supplied,


The efficiency of the separation depends of :

  • The membrane cross flow pressure ( inlet/outlet membrane retentate side pressure gauge, permeate side pressure gauge ).

  • The cross flow speed on the membrane (outlet pump valve).

  • The cut threshold :

  • One membrane is supplied

  • Two other membranes of 20 nm and 100nm are proposed in option

  • The temperature (product temperature process control) hot/cold process control by a heating unit of 3 kW connected to the network.


Technical specifications


The basic model ref MP351 is constituted of :

  • Table top bench

  • A stainless steel reactor

  • Air input on the pressurized vat with pressure regulator and manometer.

  • A ceramic membrane with a cut threshold of 50 nm (other cut threshold available as option).

  • A centrifugal pump, variable flow set by valve

  • A flow control valve

  • Three manometers

  • Four ball valves, 2 membrane valves

  • A thermometer

  • Dead volume of the installation : 500 ml maximum

  • A control cabinet with safety devise of the pump



MP351/OP1 : Air compressor, 220 V single phase, 16 A

MP351/OP2 : Ceramic membrane with cut threshold of 20 nm

MP351/OP3 : Ceramic membrane with cut threshold of 100 nm

MP351/OP4 : Back pulse valve. Functions with compressed air by intermittent way with timer programming. It can be used to increase the working time of the bench beyond 30 min when using with clogging solutions as skimmed milk.

MP351/OP5 : Temperature regulation : The vat is equipped with a double jacket with water flow . A Pt 100 probe measures the temperature of the product and the temperature is controlled by a heating unit 3 kW – 95°C. Two high temperature flexible hoses are supplied to link the heating unit to the ultrafiltration unit.


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V - 50 Hz - single phase

- 0,55 kW without heating unit

- 3.6 kW with heating unit



(L x W x H) : 700 x 500 x 800 mm


MP351 diagram - click to enlarge :