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This machine allows production of biomass or drinks fermented in aerobic or anaerobic environment.


Teaching objectives

- Material balance evaluation
- Study of fermentation parameters (pH, O2, temperature, carbon source, supply mode, dilution rate) on growth of microorganisms
- Study of control loops (temperature, pH, O2)
- Measurements : pH, oxygen, agitation speed, temperature


Technical specifications

Table-top pilot made of :
- A 316L stainless steel tank with an upper flange. Tightness by O-ring
- A stainless steel cover with a back flange and fittings (tank and cover are pressure sealed)
- An agitator with electronic speed control
- Two stirring mobiles (Rushtons type) (adjustable height)
- A pH measuring probe and its controller with 2 thresholds
- An acid/base dosage station with 2 small bottles and 2 peristaltic pumps
- A probe measuring dissolved oxygen and its controller with 2 thresholds for the control of the compressor
- A flowmeter to set the air flow
- A compressor
- An electrical resistor element, capable of immersion
- A temperature controller with 2 thresholds and a Pt100 temperature probe
- A sterile sampling system
- A measuring pump for adding culture or nutritive elements environment
- A stainless steel condenser
- A transfer plug with sterilizable filter (0,22 µms)
- A control panel including temperature transmitter, pH, O2 and pumps and stirrers control units.
- Table-top stainless steel frame

- Option 1 : Data acquisition card and modem (to control O2, temperature parameters) allowing process data and events storage – Pentium PC 75 MHz)
- Option 2 : PC computer supervising system



700 x 700 x 600 mm


Essential requirements

- Consumption : 1kW - 220 V mono
- Table or lab bench
- This machine requires heating unit (UT403) and the vapour generator (UT402)