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This system allows study of cream and emulsion manufacturing in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic processing and corresponds to an industrial technology equipment on a “pilot" scale. Creams, ointments and emulsions are produced under full control of manufacturing parameters.


Teaching objectives

Study of the temperature influence, agitation speed and additive incorporation order during cream manufacturing.
MEASUREMENT : Temperature, agitation speed.


Technical specifications

The table-top system is made of :
- 316 stainless steel cylindro-conical vat
Agitation device :
- An anchor with scraping
- A central shaft with 2 propellers, type HAS
- A rapid disperser, type ULTRA TURAX three-speed driver
- Mechanical devise on the top, tightness by simple mechanical fittings
Cover mounted on jack for opening and closing by plugs
Upper flange equipped by lighted observation windows.
A connection with plugs for introduction of solid materials
Two connections with plugs for introduction of liquid products
A double jacket for hot / cold water circulation
Insulated tank
Exhaust valve
Removable tank for separate washing
A Pt100 temperature probe located at the bottom of the tank
- Control panel mounted on the same frame with temperature and speed display.
- Product temperature is controlled by a controller located on the heating device, including also two Pt100 temperature probes for temperature measurement at the inlet and the outlet of the double jacket of the cream mixer.

- Heating device (water) – UT403
- Degazing system UT404P



1000 x 1000 x 1900 mm


Essential requirements

Power supply : 220 V – 50 Hz


MP430 diagram - click to enlarge :

MP430 SA