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- MP313AFor food liquid as fruit juice or milk with low viscosity < 50cp

- Recovery / Pasteurization / Cooling areas

- Pasteurization flow from 50 to 125 l/h

- Stainless steel plate exchanger :

- Continuous pasteurization

- Counter-flow heat exchange

- Pre-heating of the inlet solution by the out coming solution in the recovery area

- Heating up to pasteurization temperature in the pasteurization exchanger

- Recessing pipe

- Cooling up to the required temperature in the cooling exchanger (in option)


Teaching objectives

- To calculate the Pasteurization value

- To study the functioning of a temperature controller

- To study the influence of flow, pasteurization temperature and recessing time parameters

- To calculate the energy balance

- To study the functioning of a heat exchanger

- To study the heat transfer efficiency in a plate exchanger and its properties for the pasteurization of food products




    Feeding :

A centrifugal pump feeds the exchanger from the feed tank.

A manual valve enables to control the flow which is read on a flowmeter.

A thermometer measures the temperature of the solution to treat (for example milk) before processing in the feed tank.

A low-level detector with vibrating thin-plates stops the pump when there is no liquid.

    Pre-heating and heating :

The product is firstly heated by the out coming product in the recovery area. It is then heated up to the  requested pasteurization temperature in the pasteurization area.

    Recessing :

The product flow through a pipe (recessing device) where its temperature is maintained during pasteurisation process. The temperature solution is measured at the output of the recessing device and recorded on a disk recorder.

    Diversion / exchange recovery valve :

The temperature after recessing is compared to the set point. Depending on its value, the diversion valve guides the solution toward the recovery area, then toward the cooling area or recycle it toward another tank. (Cooling can be made either by the cold water production unit  Ref. UT401, available in option or by network water).

Technical specifications

The pasteurizer is composed of 3 areas :

- Pre-heating : Plate exchanger incoming solution / out coming solution (surface 0.43 m2)

- Pasteurizer : plate exchanger – product / water (surface 0.43 m2)

- Cooling : Plate exchanger product / glycol water (surface 0.43 m2)

All the plates (stainless steel 304L ) can be dismantled. The circuit is made out of stainless steel further SMS standard and contains :

- A recessing area - Two lengths are provided

- A stainless-steel – glass flowmeter 0-160 l/h

- A feed tank capacity 30 l/h, with draining valve

- A diversion and counter pressure electric valve controlled by the temperature controller

- A centrifugal pump 250l/h at 4 bars

- 4  Pt 100 temperature probes with converter (water heating unit output t° , solution t° after heating area, solution t° after recessing area linked to the regulator and controlling the diversion valve, product  t° at after cooling area).

- 6 dial gauge temperature 0-100°C (product inlet t°, outlet t° recovery heat exchange input solution, output t° recovery heat exchange outlet solution, outlet cooling water t°)

- 1 PID regulator with display linked to the diversion valve

- 1 paper disk recorder

- 2 temperature displays

- One electrical cabinet IP55 in painted steel with control and pump protection, the temperature regulator, the 2 temperature displays, the paper disk recorder, safety device with emergency stop, switches and lights.

- 1 water heating unit 6 kW, pressurized water 110°C for MP313A version (milk or fruit juice)

- 1 water heating unit 6 kW, pressurized water 95°C for MP313B version (fruit juice)



MP313C : same equipment as MP313A but with a single length recessing area

MP313D : same equipment as MP313B but with a single length recessing area

Piston pump for viscous products

Data acquisition software design on Labviewâ allowing to draw temperatures evolution curves and to calculate the Pasteurization value.

Cold water production unit  Ref. UT401 


Essential requirements

Power supply : 380 V tri - 50 Hz - 7 kW with heating unit

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 1700 x 1000 x 1800 mm

Water under 1 bar, 1000 l/h minimum.


MP313A 1